What is your favorite food?  Cream Brule
Who is your favorite author?  Pema Chodren

What inspires you to create?
I am retired so I have lots of time.  Time on my hands means I can enter my garage/studio at any minute of the day and create my designs.  I love all of the equipment - my mig welder , my 4 1/2 in grinder and circular saw,  my oxyacetylene welder. I love to be with them and I love to hear them and smell them as I work with my leather apron on and my helmet  Yes it is true I love to be dirty; I love my old clothes with little holes in them as I move to combine all of the shapes together. As I pick up  pieces of steel and lay them out  my eyes and my mind just get lost in design.  As I pick up my welder and turn it on and pull down my helmet I am off.  I am lost in the process.  Often as I work I see that my original thought changes and shapes and pieces of steel are grabbed, or sought out and added to the design.  This is an object that can become whatever it wants to be as long as it is pleasing to my eyes.  Does it balance?  Sometimes I make faces  that smile and wink at me. Such fun!

What do you like to do when you aren't creating?
I love to go to book stores and look at picture books. The compositions and colors and shapes make me happy.  Our little patio has become the home of many little birds that we feed.  Well really birds and squirrels. We have "belly boy"... a squirrel who lies on his tummy while he eats and we have "Johnny one leg" our little one legged bird who is quite amazing. I love to go for rides in the country.

What is your favorite season?

Spring is my favorite season.  I love to watch the little green sprouts poke there way through the soil.  After the tones of winter is is delightful to watch the colors of spring unfold.  And it isn't to hot or too cold so that makes me very happy.

Getting to know Dorothy…
Mostly self-taught, my goal is to create something that I will enjoy and get excited about.  The work has to stand on its own.  I like my paintings to tell it like it is.
Born and raised in Easter Nebraska, I’ve always loved nature and the outdoors.  Wild Life Artist, Robert Bateman has been a big inspiration.

During my college years I took as many Art courses as allowed.  After earning a B.A. from The University of Omaha and my M.A. from The University of Nebraska I taught.  When I retired from teaching, I started painting seriously.  Needing to reacquaint myself with different media…I enrolled in workshops with Artists Bill Alexander and Charles Rogers, Colo., Dean Davis, Ohio, Rose Edin, Minn., Zoltan Sabo and Sue Crawford Ariz., to name a few.

I have participated in numerous exhibits and have been honored with winning several awards.  My mind is always full of possibilities for a painting.  I paint what I know.  “Good Art always shines.”

My paintings are decorating walls here in the U.S. as well as Canada, Scotland, Mexico and Japan.

Favorite Book/Author:  Linda Miller…Westerns & Nora Roberts
Favorite Food:  Tilapia, Salad, Chicken…breakfast is my worst meal!
Favorite Color:  All colors!!!

All of us at The Garden Gallery treasure our friendship with this beautiful woman!
She is our inspiration!
We LOVE Dorothy!
I couldn't do it without these wonderful artists….
My creative friends will be added whenever they make an appearance!

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Herb Thompson said...

A great collective and talented group of artists. Thanks for the character photos. A nice touch.