Monday, May 2, 2011


Words are hard to come by right now.  I am filled with such an awesome sense of friendship, kindness and support.  I will let the pictures tell the story!
Thanks, Josh for a great t-shirt and fabulous slogan!
Gettin' Dirty Behind Colored Doors!

Anna....ready to welcome the world!

My wonderful sister-in-law and beautiful mother-in-law!  Yes, Lauren, my wonderful niece was a busy helper bee, but seems to be the one taking most of the pictures!  OOPS!

My fab brother-in-law!

Lulu ruling the grounds!

Anna and Grammy...hmmmm...looks like Anna is taking a little break!  Is that jelly beans on the table???

Summit and his new friend!  Yep...Coco was here but she must have been with my niece!  

Beer and Brat line!!!

Just like a buffet...both sides of the fence!  HA!

Dick a little "weary" I am assuming and making faces!  Brother-in-law on the phone obviously in control of things!

Adam doing some demonstrating!

Barb running the check-out!!!  

Can I tell you how I love this band!!!  Nashville Songwriters Association International....have them booked again in June!

Fun in the Sun!

Never a dull moment!

Yes...I was a beggar and they dedicated a song to me!  Kate's "Beatuiful Summer"!  LOVE IT!

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Tammy said...

LOVE all the pictures !!!! Sorry I missed it, I'll be out soon :)