Monday, June 20, 2011


Okay....I just got this email and wanted to share it with you.....I can not tell you how wonderful this group of musicians is.  They create happiness and smiles whenever they perform...please think of them if you are looking for some wonderful entertainment.  
Thanks for sharing, Bobbie....

Hello Michele,
   I am not good on computers so I can't send an attachment but I wanted you to have the words to this newest song.So please bear with me.
                                        Summertime feels so young
Laid back days of Summer
My mind is at ease
Drifting back to life as a kid
Chillin' by the campfire
Admiring all the stars
Swimming nude in the lake
Like we did
       Summertime feels so young
       So alive smiling at the sun
       Makin' love under the moon above
       Summer your the girl that I love
The house is all open
Sandles and shorts
Long walks in the countryside with you
Grilling burgers tonight
A hot dog or three
I hate it when
Summer is through
Inhaling these roses
Here in Elkhorn
Garden Gallery grows the best
Michele has a green thumb
And a heart full of Gold
No more shopping
She beats all the rest
Thanks again for everything Michele and I wish you all the best.
Bobby Miles

I will include again the link to their performance at The Garden Gallery....remember...they had never performed this before!!!!  :)  

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