Saturday, February 25, 2012

Great Day!!!

FIRST.....I scored tickets for Jimmy Buffett!  Fins to left...fins to the right!  Can't wait!

My friend, Tammy, came out to start my greenhouse day off on a great note!  She took some fun pics!  

Check out the art page for a peek at a few more!
We had such a fun visit!

Then, an old High School friend, Kim called!  Got to chat briefly as I had people milling around at the time!

Dick came out to help get the greenhouse whipped into shape for spring!

Lots of fun customers coming out today!  Everyone is soo excited and ready to start diggin' in the dirt!!!

Anna called....her team, The Nebraska Cornhusker Women's Track Team....won 1st place in the Big Ten Championship!  So proud!!!  She has been on the injured list recently, but is still a part of this CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM!  

Now, home with the hubby and enjoying some home-made tacos!!!  
Life is good.....  :)

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Anonymous said...

I loved seeing you today ! I love all the things I came home with too ! Hugs my friend
And ya for Jimmy Buffett tickets ;)