Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Okay...I really don't even know how to begin explaining what a whirlwind/crazy/wonderful past week this has been.  I am so very humbled by the amazing turn-out and the very kind words that were shared at the 6th Annual....BEER, BRATS & BEGONIAS!  New friends. old (high school friends) and FAMILY all came out to celebrate spring!  I do believe we had over 400 people on Sunday....and I am not counting the beautiful people that came to express their love of nature and art beginning about Thursday on...!!!  
Yes.  I am weepy.  My sister asked if it was sad weepy or happy weepy.  It's happy.  
And maybe sleep-deprived weepy. 
For now, I am sharing a few of my dear friend, Tammy's pictures from http://mommylifewith5.blogspot.com/ as I can't even find my camera and she takes much better pictures!  

Three plus trucks are arriving this week....just in time for Mother's Day!
FYI....the greenhouse will be closed tomorrow at about 2:30....this proud momma will be traveling to watch Ben compete in his final track meet before State...DISTRICTS!!!  

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Tammy said...

So glad that I was able to come out Saturday !!! Love Love Love you and your beautiful Garden Gallery :)