Sunday, November 23, 2008


The news was on the other day while I was painting away, and the talk was "Buy Local"...hmmm...some of you only know me as the lady at The Garden Gallery, but others know that I am quite adept with a paint brush! (Hence The Painted Bowl). Guess what I am getting at is this...if you are in need of a few one-of-a-kind gifts this season, just let me know! Everybody is watching their pennies these days and what better way to gather a few of those unique gifts then by giving an affordable piece of hand-painted art! A favorite for years has been the personalized family trays. They start at only $38! Whimsical 4" tiles are only $13! Need a package tie-on? My flower magnets are only $4! Hand-painted wine glasses start at $12 and the driving concept that got me started 16 plus years ago...painted bowls...are priced at $21 and up! And yes, I have been known to decorate some pretty awesome toyboxes, stools, table and chair sets, etc...Custom work is a niche where I'm quite comfortable!So, why not buy local? Together we can make your gift gifting season a fun one!p.s. check out a few of the pictures I have on the blog for inspiration! Some are custom work, but others are still available!

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