Sunday, March 22, 2009


Man, what a day! Ben, Stephon, DJ, Jordan used their muscle to move in the fabulous new shelves that Bob built for me! Oooopss...Dick helped too!!! Teresa and I were busy directing! HA!!! Bob....what were you doing???? Just joking!!!!
The new ceramic containers and funky terra cotta pots are soooo fun!!! Bob did a great job on all my new tables! Things are really shaping up and it is very exciting!
We have some wonderful new garden goodies this you know, I always have some type of garden hat and apron on at the greenhouse! Wait until you see the ones we are carrying this too will be a very fashionable gardener!!!
Of course, I can't forget Summit! The boys took him for his first "official" swim in the creek!
The potting parties are filling, and I have some private ones set as well! Get your reservations in because you don't want to miss the fun!!!
Warm weather will be here before you know it.....can't wait!

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