Saturday, March 14, 2009


Well, the birds are singing, the days are longer....spring is just around the corner!
I have been BUSY working on the calendar for The Garden Gallery, and boy....are we going to have fun!!!

Dick and I have been dragging our son Ben and some of Ben's football friends out to the greenhouse to help reset tables, get things cleared and cleaned....basically the "yuck" work! They have been a great help! You'll probably meet a few of them this summer as I think Ben has recruited some helpers for me! Gotta' love it!

I have some really unusual plants coming for spring....soooo exciting! I'm not telling any secrets yet....hmmm.......just hafta' wait!!!

Also, I've already had some requests for private potting parties! YIPEE!!!

As things progress, I'll be updating the blog, adding pictures, events etc., so, keep checking back!
Think warm thoughts and see you all soon!

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