Sunday, June 17, 2012


What a day! 
I am still in disbelief!  
The day started out with pouring rain, but the sun came out, Howard began singing and people started dancing!  Flowers were finding new homes and the art was flying out the door!  
I was a happy camper.
Patti was really happy too...she was just showing her pout face!
 Didn't think things could get any better!  

BUT...they did!  
Who came knocking on the door but "The Discovery Channel"!
They were in Elkhorn filming some footage for a series when they heard the music (thanks, Howard!) and drove around until they found us!  

They asked if I would mind if they brought the camera crew over for a few pictures!  
Of course I tried to act like this kind of thing happens every day!  
Not really, I practically flew into the poor guys arms!  :)  

They took some pictures of the front of the house and shot some video of lovely ladies relaxing in the andirondack chairs, sipping wine,  enjoying the life at The Garden Gallery!  

They said we were "the best discovery" they had come across!  I believe it was the producer that said he thought I'd found happiness.  
I said yes.

Of course, I have no pictures to document my 5 minutes of fame.  
But let me tell you...I enjoyed every minute!

Thank you all my garden groupies for letting me live my dream!!!

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