Friday, August 3, 2012

Scaling Mountains

Yep....a week in the mountains. wasn't long enough.
I have been going to Colorado for over 30 years....sometimes 4 times a year...often a week or more at a time.  
We hike, we Hike, we HIKE!
That is what our kids always say when anyone asks "What do you do out there?"
Since the move to my new location with The Garden Gallery, my "get-a-way" time is not as easy, so it makes the mountains even more meaningful.  

We wondered a few years ago if we'd be able to keep the kids "wanting" to go to the mountains in the summer.  Heard them talking on how they plan on living out there together next summer.  Guess we have instilled the love of nature in them both.

So, as I adjust to re-entry, know that this fall with The Garden Gallery will be full of festivities and we will be scaling our own mountains!


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